Google Maps Can Now Find Parking, Help Users Predict Difficulty

Google Maps can now help Android users find parking near a destination while using the directions and navigation app.

The company announced today in a blog post it’s rolling out the parking helper in 25 major U.S. cities.

The update gives users a “find parking” option on the app’s direction card, presenting a list of parking garage and lots close to where they are driving. When a parking option is selected, the trip directions will be updated and the app will guide users from their parking spot to their final destination.

Google Maps also announced an update to its parking difficulty feature on both Android and iOS devices. Previously launched in the U.S., the app feature warns users ahead of time if they’re headed to an area where parking could be a challenge.

Tapping an icon at the bottom of the screen will show if the parking difficulty ranges from limited to medium to easy. These warnings are based on crowdsourcing historical parking data while also leveraging machine learning for predictions.

While it won’t help drivers actually find a spot, it may influence someone’s decision to drive in the first place—especially if it means circulating city blocks with nowhere to ditch their ride.

The parking difficulty feature is now available outside of the U.S. in 25 cities across Canada, Western Europe, Brazil and Russia.