Fewer Canadians Working Traditional Grind as Emerging Results-Based Culture Boosts Flexibility

The working landscape is changing globally.

According to a recent report by Regus, there are fewer full-time Canadian workers doing the 9-to-5 grind.

Over the past five years, Canadians have seen a rise in the remote worker (76%), self-employed (70%) and freelancers (54%). The report investigated further into the possible causes of the growing rate of freelancers and 65% highlighted a growing trend for more outsourcing which may be seen as driving an increase in freelance and contract work.

The nature of these people’s work style is changing worldwide and often people are no longer bound to a single main office from 9-to-5. 54% of Canadian respondents say working regular hours are not suited to getting work done and only 37% believe 9-5 is the most productive time to get work done.

So, when is the most productive time to work?

  • 51% say early morning
  • 37% during regular 9-5
  • 10% late evening
  • 2% at night

To determine what makes the 9-to-5 unproductive, Regus investigated interruptions throughout the workday. The biggest complaints?

  • Lengthy meetings (56%)
  • Traffic Jams (49%)
  • IT Glitches (35%)
  • Conference Calls (24%)

“Flexibility is becoming a key demand, especially as millennial workers become the main workforce,” said Wayne Berger, VP Regus Canada. “We’re moving towards a results-based work culture, which has less interest in how and where work is accomplished so long as it is being completed.”

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