HootSuite evolves into Social Media Dashboard

Vancouver’s HootSuite has been hard at work over the last couple months and have emerged from the nest with what they think is the most easy-to-use and feature-rich social media dashboard on the market.

First thing this morning they launched a new round of features for the Hootsuite dashboard that expands on their Twitter tools, giving users even more control over their social media world by integrating with Facebook, LinkedIn and Ping.fm.

Hootsuite users can now update their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles from one location. Similar to their treatment of Twitter accounts, users can manage social profiles for multiple accounts as well as read friends’ Facebook and LinkedIn updates and view in-line Facebook comments within HootSuite.

After LinkedIn opened up its platform yesterday, a number of social media clients including Tweetdeck are adding LinkedIn status updates this week but it appears that HootSuite it the first to do it.

Congrats to the team at Invoke for continuing to evolve the HootSuite platform. This round of updates are focused on optimizing the Twitter experience as well as making it easier for users to moderate their social media presence.