Hunting for Parking Online 2.0

Toronto’s has created a online marketplace for renting and selling monthly parking spaces and currently has 2,500+ parking spots in cities across North America. Their Web 2.0 mission is to connect car-less home owners who have empty driveways with motorists who want more affordable parking.

At this point it appears that the majority of their spots are mostly Craigslist listings for parking spots mashed up on a Google Map, similar to the way has been putting rental apartments on a map. is helping people maximize the use of city space and at the same time creating a community and marketplace. With more people planning their trips in advance and fewer cars circling around looking for parking, they also can claim that they are reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. Great concept for big cities and it’s not a surprise that they have European expansion plans.

Parking in Downtown Toronto must be at an all time headache high as the city is breeding multiple start-ups with a similiar model. (which is #50 on our Toronto Start-up Index) is doing essentially the same thing.