Intel And Oakley Launch Radar Pace: Smart Eyewear with a Real-Time Coaching System

On a day when Google’s announcements are the only tech news on anyone’s radar, Oakley and Intel announced the launch of Radar Pace, a smart eyewear featuring a real-time voice activated coaching system.

Seeking to redefine the way athletes train, Radar Pace is the result of years of research and development between Luxottica’s Oakley brand and Intel.

Oakley and Intel teamed up to create a product that would allow athletes of all types to not only train hard but train well by equipping them with rich information and real-time feedback. Combining Oakley’s design aesthetic with Intel’s technology, Radar Pace delivers a personalized training mechanism for athletes of all skill levels.

Radar Pace is a virtual coach that supports athletes during every step of their running and cycling training journey – interpreting data in real-time, providing personalized and actionable instruction and motivation during the course of a workout and holding athletes accountable to a structured and dynamic training program.

With a hands-free conversational interface powered by Intel Real Speech, Radar Pace helps athletes stay focused and maintain optimal training position, and the Bluetooth audio headset allows athletes to place and receive calls and texts and listen to music.