Interaxon is Expanding Muse Worldwide with New SDK and Languages

It doesn’t take a brain sensor to realize Interaxon is doing well.

The Toronto-based Interaxon has announced plans to expand their presence across the globe, heading into Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Australia in 2018. The plan for worldwide expansion is built on an announcement that the company’s flagship product, Muse, will now support French, German and Spanish languages.

The company also unveiled plans for a new software development kit (SDK) that will help partners create applications for Muse.

On top of the SDK and expansion plans, Interaxon is also going to work with developers and begin integrating VR and AR, which means users will be able to interact with brand new environments through brain signals.

Muse is a brain-sensing wearable headband that uses EEG sensor technology designed to provide insight into a users meditative process, along with personalized instantaneous feedback and guidance in developing their focused attention. Brain sensors measure a wearer’s activity and then sends that data to an app that will guide the wearer through meditation exercises.

Muse has allowed Interaxon to bring meditation to the masses through partnerships with massive retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. Users in all kinds of fields including clinical, professional, corporate and wellness can make use of the product and its broader platform, Muse Connect.

VR and AR will be a huge part of how Interaxon continues to expand, as a new application kit will help to showcase this brand new category of consumer tech. Advances in low-cost brain-sensing tech for head-worn virtual and mixed-reality systems means Muse will reach more people than ever, along with the developers who create specifically for the platform.

The goal is to open up Muse to as many different kinds of innovators and programmers as possible. Interaxon is making its core tech and platform available to a broad group across their various offerings. Sensors beyond Interaxon’s typical EEG ones are being tested as well, including ones that look to test athletic performance in metrics like efficiency, posture and balance. This could be important for activities like yoga, cycling and more.

“The value of our core technology extends beyond the business of meditation,” said Derek Luke, CEO of Interaxon. “While we will continue to invest in and expand our reach in the consumer and professional meditation market in North America and beyond, we are excited about the far-reaching potential uses of our technology platform in additional hardware like glasses and VR.”

Interaxon is a Health & Wellness finalist for the Seventh Annual Canadian Innovation Awards. Cast your vote for them now.