Robo-visor Invisor Launches Smart Solution to Map Financial Goals

Have you ever needed help figuring out exactly how long and how much money it would take to save for a big goal, such as buying a home or retiring?

Toronto’s Invisor has launched a new online goal-setting experience called InvisorGPS that will make it easier to not only set their financial goals, but also track progress toward meeting them.

“It was always our intention to evolve our online investment offer to a more robust and holistic financial planning experience,” said Pramod Udiaver, co-founder and CEO at Invisor.

The digital platform now includes a free life and health insurance needs analysis, which can help clients find appropriate coverage at the best rate.

“This exciting new phase gives all Canadians access to some of the most intuitive, online financial goal setting and tracking tools at a fraction of the cost of traditional fee-based advisor or bank branch models,” Udiaver added.

The services are available to all clients, whether or not they have opened an investment account with Invisor, and there is no minimum investment amount required.

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