iPad in Canada: Which data plan is best? Rogers vs Telus vs Bell

If you haven’t already bought an iPad, you’re probably thinking about it. But which data plan best suits your needs? TELUS, Rogers, and Bell all offer data plans for the Apple iPad, ranging from $15 and 250MB of data to $50 and 5GB of data.

The data plan with TELUS is $20 per month, which equips your iPad with 500MB of data. Excess data is charged at a rate of 5 cents per MB, up to a maximum of $30 or 5GB. So you can choose between staying below the threshold and paying the minimum, to exceed the basic data use and pay by the megabyte.


Rogers has a data plan starting at $15, which grants 250MB and Wi-Fi hotspots. Or, for $35, you get bumped up drastically to 5GB (and the hotspots). The latter plan will also exercise Rogers’ 3.5G network more often, resulting in superior internet connectivity and speeds.


Bell’s data plan is very similar to rogers: $15 nets you 250MB and Wi-Fi hotspots. Or, for $35, you get bumped up to 5GB (plus hotspots).


Between Bell and Rogers, you’ll have to choose your network provider based on which company has served you better, or which offers superior hotspots in your local area or the area where your iPad will receive the most use. Telus offers a one-size-fits-all plan that is most efficient for those seeking 500MB or more but less than the walloping 5GB that the premium plans provide.


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