Jamble App lets users mashup music

A team of three local iPhone App developers is having some early success with an App called Jamble thanks to being named a staff favorite on iTunes for a solid month at launch. The Jamble App let’s users create, record and share music on their Apple iPhone or iPod Touch by mixing popular song loops together. Check out the video below to understand instantly.

Jamble makes it easy to instantly create flawless music mashups. Within seconds, Jamble makes you sound like a pro-DJ and mash-up master. You can record your mixes and share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and via email. No experience? No problem. With the touch of a finger, you’re combining a variety of loops from international hit songs into your own impossibly great mixes.

As usual in the App world, there are two versions of Jamble – a free app and a paid app with a $1.99 price tag. While Jamble Designer Gary Lam wasn’t ready to share revenue numbers just quite yet, the free app’s popularity has soared with 10,000+ downloads thanks to some invaluable advertising support from a partnership with Coca-Cola.