John Malkovich Stars in Squarespace’s Slick Super Bowl Ad

These days, the Super Bowl is as much about advertising as it is about American football. Heck, by now you’d think they’d have built a field along Madison Avenue for the occasion.

One highlight to get hyped for this year comes from Squarespace. Their Super Bowl ad—the company’s fourth now—plays out like a theatrical autobiographical documentary. It features actor and director John Malkovich leveraging Squarespace to “make his next move”—in this case, launch a fashion line.

“Squarespace was founded to help people carve out their own piece of the web and build something that truly represents who they are,” said Squarespace Founder and CEO Anthony Casalena. “I hope John’s story encourages even more people to make their next move with Squarespace.”

“As I continue to establish my reputation as a designer, it’s incredibly important for me to have a professional online store that’s in my own name,” said Malkovich. “I’m so pleased that an all-in-one solution like Squarespace exists so I can focus on building my fashion collection and leave the technical stuff to the experts.”

Squarespace worked with award-winning creative collective JohnXHannes New York to develop and produce the Super Bowl spots. The company will be airing a 30-second in-game spot and a 60-second pre-game spot.

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