K2’s New $183 Million Fund Seeking to Fuel Startups with ‘Global Impact’

Venture capital firm K2 Global this week announced the addition of $183 million in capital to support its vision of “bridging Asia and Silicon Valley to create impact on a global scale.”

Based in Silicon Valley and Singapore, K2 Global says it invests in technology companies in that are capable of creating new markets.

K2 Global works with entrepreneurs in mobile, ecommerce, fintech, AR/VR, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and machine learning; the firm has invested $58M in more than 10 companies to date, including Magic Leap, Spotify, and Uber.

K2 Global believes that it is uniquely positioned to create in-roads for US tech companies to break into Asian markets. Founded in 2015 by Minal Hasan and Ozi Amanat, K2 Global fills the missing link between two dominating geographic markets.

“Startups need to think globally from day one if they want to succeed on a large scale,” said Minal Hasan, founder and general partner of K2 Global. “We are seeing a universal convergence of ideas, markets, economies, and technologies, resulting in companies expanding into international markets much more rapidly than before due to the explosion of Internet and mobile technology.”

As K2 Global expands, it seeks to work with “third wave” entrepreneurs that challenge incumbents in the biggest industries in the world by forming a wide range of alliances, including government regulators, to achieve K2’s mission of creating impact at scale.

“We work hard to be the preferred investment partner for premier technology companies that will have a lasting impact,” said Hasan. “We look forward to an increasingly interconnected world in which innovation is fostered by a worldwide community and we’re prepared to lead that charge.”

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