KFC Canada Wants You to Buy Chicken With Bitcoin

Apparently, it’s finger-clickin’ good.

In a move that could represent bitcoin jumping the proverbial decentralized shark, KFC Canada has announced that they will be accepting bitcoin for a limited time if customers want to order the fried-chicken purveyor’s special “Bitcoin Bucket” consisting of 10 chicken tenders, waffle fries and some sides.

The exact bitcoin price point of the bucket is hard to nail down, considering the cryptocurrency’s price consistently fluctuates up to 10 per cent up or down in a single day.  The easiest way to describe it is that a Bitcoin Bucket will set a crypto-and-fried-chicken connoisseur back whatever $20 CAD of bitcoin is worth at the time of checking out, plus a hefty $5 in shipping.

KFC Canada is only accepting bitcoin for a limited time, and it’s safe to say very few people will order the option. It serves as a cleverly-timed marketing opportunity to take advantage of the recent craze in cryptocurrency investing. The product launched with a four-hour livestream Facebook video that had a ticker following exactly how much bitcoin was equivalent to $20 CAD.

“Experts say Bitcoin is in a bubble. Put them in a bucket instead,” KFC Canada commented on the video.

The checkout process for the Bitcoin Bucket involves spending through the well-known bitcoin processor Bitpay. Bitcoin is notoriously hard to purchase with, mainly due to the high costs of transferring between accounts. There is usually high-percentage or flat fees involved, so anyone spending it on a $20 bucket of chicken is probably just doing it for fun and may actually end up losing money on the trade.

Still, it’s a risky investment. Everyone who knows a little about cryptocurrency knows the horror story of the first bitcoin purchase ever: two pizzas were bought for 10,000 bitcoin in 2010. At current prices that bitcoin would be worth almost $175 million. So don’t go spending a potential million dollar currency on a few chicken tenders.

Or, just live like KFC wants you to, and put that bitcoin in a bucket.