Kryos Makes Splash as Gold Sponsor of Blackberry Devcon in San Francisco

Rich Hughes, Trevor Nimegeers, Rae BriggsCalgary based Kryos is making waves in the BlackBerry Development community with their Velocity mobile platform. I’ve had the good fortune to travel with CEO, Trevor Nimegeers, through the California Market Access Program / PACT … they are doing an amazing job. Velocity, in a nutshell, is a middleware platform that allows enterprise developers to create robust applications VERY quickly using short XML code snippits. CTO Rick Hugie and Rae Briggs presented their technology at last week’s Mobile Monday in Calgary; what would take an experience Blackberry developer a week to do can be done on the Velocity platform in an hour.

Velocity was a product born from Kryos’s consulting business that has been doing enterprise development for 15 years, with a BlackBerry development history of 5 years. They made the middleware technology for their own purposes, and then realized the huge opportunity in the mobile app space as enterprises extend their business processes onto the BlackBerry platform, which is capable to do a lot more things than email. The Kryos development team is well-respected in the industry and at RIM for this innovative, well thought out and nicely executed product.

Kryos hit the pages of BlackBerry cool (the voice of the BlackBerry community):

In the picture is Rick Hugie, Trevor Nimegeers and Rae Briggs.

BlackBerry did a great job here in San Francisco over the last few days … with lots of API and service announcements that will help developers make even greater applications on the plaftorm. As co-CEO Jim Bassilie said in the keynote: “The most important thing is quality. We think quantity is an illusion,” he said, adding that there are “many tens of thousands” of BlackBerry aps that are developed privately for corporate users and not available on a public online store.

The BlackBerry announcements this week, and tools such as Kryos Velocity, hint at the bigger and better things to come on the mobile platform and it’s transforming effect on the enterprise.