LinkedIn, HP, Others Jointly Establish Open19 to Rethink Data Centers

A range of founding members have established the Open19 Foundation, an organization designed to build a community for a new generation of open data centers and edge solutions.

“The Open19 Platform represents a simple solution for a complex problem, so it’s no surprise that the response from the community has been so strong,” said Yuval Bachar, president of the Open19 Foundation and Principal Engineer, Global Infrastructure Architecture and Strategy at LinkedIn.

Open19 was founded by Flex, GE Digital, HP Enterprise, LinkedIn and Vapor IO, and is accepting new members.

“Open19 is the rack standard we’ve needed for a decade,” said Cole Crawford, CEO and Founder of Vapor IO.

The foundation already has hardware to contribute: the Open19 Platform industry specification that defines a cross-industry common server form factor, creating a flexible and economical data center and edge solution for operators of all sizes.

“As a leader in the Industrial IoT, GE sees a need to establish a set of standards and customizable, flexible and economical data center designs, which will ultimately help our industrial customers capitalize on the latest advances in computing,” said Darren Haas, Head of Predix Cloud Engineering, GE Digital.