Lyft, Amtrak Partnership Helps Commuters Hail Rides to Train Stations

Amtrak and Lyft have established a partnership.

The agreement between the rail giant and ride sharing startup will enable commuters to hail Lyft rides via the Amtrak mobile app.

“We are focused on improving the customer experience, and this is one way we are working to make your entire journey as seamless and enjoyable as possible,” says Jason Molfetas, Executive Vice President for Marketing and Business Development for Amtrak.

Lyft operates in 360 communities across the US, covering 80% of the population and reaching 97% of Amtrak riders. Amtrak operates 300 trains daily, connecting 500 destinations in 46 states. Lyft says the new partnership creates a “seamless, end-to-end travel experience from your doorstep to an Amtrak station.”

“As a fixture of American travel, Amtrak makes it simple and convenient for passengers, something Lyft feels passionately about as well,” said David Baga, Chief Business Officer for Lyft. “Both companies have a long-standing commitment to supporting communities we serve and we’re excited to grow together.”

Lyft noted that the agreement is “just the beginning,” adding that the company intends to “build on this partnership” in the future.