Kobo Co-founder Raises $4 Million for new Digital Health and Wellness Platform, LEAGUE

Kobo co-founder Michael Serbinis is back. Today he announced the launch and funding of his new digital health and wellness platform, LEAGUE.

Set to launch in early 2015, LEAGUE will focus on preventative health and empower consumers to live healthier every day.

Serbinis was the co-founder of global digital reading company Kobo which spunoff from Canadian bookseller Indigo Books. In 2012, Serbinis sold Kobo to Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten for $315 million.

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LEAGUE has raised a $4 million seed round led by OMERS Ventures with Foundation Capital, Real Ventures and Infinite Potential Group participating as well.

“Healthcare costs are massive and growing at an unsustainable rate. While nearly half of those costs are preventable, next to nothing is spent on prevention — this needs to change,” said Michael Serbinis, CEO and Founder, LEAGUE. “The future of health is preventative, and it’s about the consumer.  LEAGUE is the future of health – today.”

LEAGUE is rethinking health by creating a data-rich mobile platform that gives people the power to take control of their health. Members can discover the best new health services and in time, can build a ‘league of their own’ — a team of health professionals that work together to deliver personalized programs. 

LEAGUE will make it easy to discover, schedule, and pay for services while staying conveniently connected. The platform will store health information — including data from wearables and popular health applications – putting members in control of their information and giving them the ability to safely and securely share their data with their LEAGUE.

With LEAGUE, health professionals can connect with and provide a rich personalized service to their clients. LEAGUE is currently accepting applications from health professionals and people interested in joining its beta program at JoinLEAGUE.com.