Mob4Hire is the world’s first and largest crowdsourced mobile applications software testing company

After announcing hitting a new milestone in “mobsters” (mobile testers on their platform) just last week, Mob4Hire presents out at the Banff Venture Forum09. The real pain that developers face is they don’t have access to hardware on different networks, in different companies. Mob4Hire solves this pain in a cost-effective, efficient manner, with user feedback. They consider themselves a pipeline, as they are platform agnostic and it won’t matter who wins the mobile platform war.

Mob4Hire is in their first period of their growth, connecting developers and community testers. The second period involves Mob4Hire as a platform, including customers like O2 Litmus out of Europe.

The management team includes Stephen King, Paul Potanen and John Carpenter. They are based in Calgary, Alberta and have an advisory board in the UK.