Mobile X Summer Report Explores Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments, and Beacon Technology

Toronto-based mobile agency Plastic Mobile has announced the circulation of their latest Mobile X Report, the Summer Edition.

Through an aggregation of local and global data, Plastic Mobile’s research team has analyzed trends and developments in the mobile space, including mobile payments and banking, beacon technology as well the latest mobile adoption and usage stats.

The report summarizes everything retailers need to know when it comes to mobile technology.

Mobile X dives everything you need to know about what’s new in the mobile industry over the course of June and July 2014. It includes statistics on everything from couponing, QR codes and push notifications to mobile web vs. mobile app usage.

It then goes on to investigate the evolving role of mobile payments and banking, as well as beacon technology for consumers. Mobile X breaks down the buzz with informative research on the technologies, opportunities and even strategies for retailers exploring mobile.

Mobile X came out of a need to stay abreast of the rapidly evolving mobile market, and is released every two months. The Summer Edition is available for download here.