Fictional Hacker Group Recruits MR ROBOT Superfans for Real-Life Exploit

A new Instagram account has popped up that looks strikingly like MR ROBOT’s fictional hacker group “fsociety” (loosely based on the infamous Anonymous).

Instead of the expected remixed fan art, the account has a handful of posts highlighting stacks of cash and the show’s iconic mask:




Head down. Hood up. The forecast @ Evil Corp. accounting? RAIN. #weareall1sand0s

A video posted by Mr. Robot (@hell0fr13nd) onMar 18, 2016 at 5:04pm PDT


Also, note the account’s leetspeak username, @hell0fr13nd (a riff off of the first episode’s title).

In more photos shared with the same hashtags (#weareall1sand0s / #anewsocietyrises) it appears the group is also hacking MR ROBOT ads in Vancouver and Toronto. Whoa. Meta.

And it looks like local superfans have been tapped to help with the real-life hack:



They’re back. #anewsocietyrises

A photo posted by Florida Elago (@floridaelago) onMar 18, 2016 at 8:42pm PDT


Redistribute wealth? We’re intrigued. Hopefully more will be revealed by searching #weareall1sand0s / #anewsocietyrises on Instagram.

Wherever this goes, vague posts certainly make it seem like fsociety may have made the leap from the streaming service shomi to the real world. 

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