Nanoleaf’s ‘Aurora’ System Poised to Transform How We Think About Lighting in Homes, Offices

Nanoleaf is looking to change how consider home and office lighting with a smart modular light that allows for “boundless possibility.”

The Canadian startup first unveiled its modular light system, the Aurora, at CES 2016. Now it’s ready to light up the world.

Elevating connected lighting, the Aurora is a plug-and-play system that is intelligent, integrative and customizable. Made up of lightweight triangular LED panels, the Aurora works on a single power supply that controls up to 30 panels. Double-sided mounting tape secures the Aurora to any flat surface while the linker pieces let you connect the panels together and shape the Aurora however you may imagine.

Designed to integrate into a smart home or office, the wifi-enabled Aurora is inter-operable with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Android, and features IFTTT integration.

Tap into full control of the Aurora with the app by creating scenes, scheduling time triggers and choosing from over 16 million colors. Automate the Aurora to simulate the sunrise in the morning. Turn on the calming greens and blues when you need to de-stress for the day. With the Aurora, you can create the perfect lighting for every moment of your day.

“At Nanoleaf, we believe that light is more than just illumination. Light plays a crucial part in the way you live and how you experience the world,” says Tom Rodinger, cofounder of Nanoleaf. “The Aurora is a form of self-expression, so that anyone can design their own environment and visually communicate who they are with the world.”

Founded in 2012 by University of Toronto graduates Rodinger, Gimmy Chu, and Christian Yan, Nanoleaf is a family of fun, creative, passionate geeks committed to developing energy efficient products that promote and encourage people to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Aurora starter kit starts at $200.