Neutrogena’s New Skin360 App Instantly Analyzes Skin Condition

By scanning a selfie and accessing over 100,000 data points, Neutrogena can recommend skincare routines, specific products, and more.

Need to Know

  • Johnson & Johnson-owned Neutrogena has relaunched its mobile app, allowing customers to evaluate skin conditions, create actionable and personalized skincare routines, and access a virtual skin care coach.
  • The Neutrogena MaskiD app, powered by Perfect’s YouCam technology, uses AI to analyze more than 100,000 skin pixels over 2,000 facial attributes, providing analysis for a broad range of skin parameters.
  • The recognition technology can determine factors such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark under-eye circles, dark spots, and smoothness.
  • The skin care coach, NAIA, interacts with consumers via text message, building a relationship and collecting data. The collected data is then used to create a completely personalized plan with individualized product recommendations.


Neutrogena has relaunched its Skin360 app as MaskiD to bring skincare to the hands, and phones of more consumers. The leading US skincare brand announced at the Consumer Electronics Showcase that consumers looking for in-depth skin analysis and product recommendations can now do so using their smartphone camera, without having to use clunky and limiting hardware. 

The app’s initial launch last year required users to purchase a skin-scanning tool. That hardware-focused launch provided the brand with key learnings; consumers wanted more science-backed information, the ability to track skincare products, and access to experts. With a better understanding of customer needs, the brand looked to Perfect’s YouCam and AI technology and developed NAIA, a virtual skin health coach that does not rely on external hardware. 

After taking a selfie, users engage in a text conversation with AI assistant NAIA then receive a personalized 8-week skincare plan packed with relevant tips and recommendations. Consumers will be able to access skin coaching, science-backed information on conditions, and most importantly, personalized product recommendations. 

“As part of the world’s largest healthcare company, we combined 60 years of skin health experience with 30 years of proven, sustainable behavior change research to build a powerful, comprehensive and highly-advanced skin health algorithm,” said Dr. Michael Southall, Global R&D Lead for Neutrogena. “As more data is tracked, NAIA will use machine learning to improve analysis and recommendations, getting more precise and intelligent.”

The updated app also collects much more customer information, knowledge the brand can use to refine its product recommendation, marketing, and product development, building stronger customer ties and larger returns on tech investments. 

With the beauty industry valued at $532 billion and showing tremendous upward growth, Neutrogena’s app updates show the company is not looking to back down from the top spot as the US’ top skincare brand anytime soon. 

Perfect YouCam has previously partnered with beauty brands Estée Lauder, MAC and YSL broadening its AR tools, and large retailers Target and QVC to roll out new mobile features like live streaming. 

US consumers can download the Neutrogena Skin360 app from both the App Store and Google Play for use on both iPhone and Android devices.