Next Month, a New iPhone Launches. Here’s What to Expect

Next month, Apple will unveil its next-generation iPhone. Nobody is expecting a dramatic overhaul, however.

Historically, every second iPhone update has been a major one, followed by an incremental refresh. The most recent example of this, of course, is the iPhone 6—a full-on form factor change—followed by the iPhone 6s, a virtually identical device with only minor upgrades.

But it’s widely anticipated that the current form factor for the iPhone will remain largely unchanged through this next update as Apple plans something more drastic for the device’s 10-year anniversary in 2017 (iPhone X, anyone?).

This September, rumors suggest the iPhone will have a few upgrades, such as better battery life and an improved home button, but retain a virtually identical form factor. The biggest upgrades are expected to come from the camera—a dual-camera system that takes two photos at once and merges them is likely to be the best smartphone camera on the market—and the storage, which may start at 32GB and reach up to 256GB, similar to the iPad Pro.

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Apple is also expected to remove the headphone jack at the bottom of the iPhone.

The next-gen iPhone will launch with iOS 10, Apple’s forthcoming mobile operating system, which features interactive widgets, a smart home app, and a redesigned Apple Music.

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