Nintendo to Terminate Miiverse as Switch Takes Over

Nintendo is terminating Miiverse.

Miiverse was launched with the Wii U as a social network for players, but the writing was on the wall when Nintendo announced that the platform would not be integrated with its new console, the Switch.

“I want to thank all of you for being part of Miiverse and for helping to make it something special,” a rep for Nintendo wrote online this week, noting that the service will formally end on November 8.

It will no longer be possible to access Miiverse from your internet browser or using any console system, nor will it be possible to use in-game services and features related to Miiverse.

However, between now and the end of the Miiverse service, a new feature will allow players to request a downloadable version of their Miiverse post history, for those who wish to save the images in their Screenshot Album to a PC.

Nintendo says it is on pace to ship 10 million units of the Switch as it prepares to ramp up production in advance of the holiday shopping season.