Only 9% of new smartphone users choose RIM’s BlackBerry devices

Market tracker Nielson has laid out some ugly numbers for Research In Motion.

In the U.S., just 9% of users over the past three months opted for a BlackBerry when buying a new smartphone, the research firm says. Meanwhile, 56% chose one of Android’s myriad devices and 28% chose Apple’s iPhone. Android owns roughly 43% of America’s smartphone market while the iPhone claims about 28%.

Android has been feasting on RIM’s marketshare. Once owning more than half, the BlackBerry lineup now owns just 18%, and its dismal 9% of sales points to the sharp decline continuing indefinitely.

Windows Phone, Symbian, and all other mobile platforms outside of the main three account for just 11% of marketshare and only 6% of sales.

In Canada, RIM’s marketshare and sales are both slightly higher, possibly due to the fact RIM is based in Waterloo. Nonetheless, it is trending in the same downward manner.