Outpost Travel is Now the Biggest Aggregator in the Peer-to-Peer Travel Industry

In July Techvibes told the story of a Montreal-based startup that the was the benefactor of a selfless gesture from 500 Startups’ superangel Dave McClure.

Outpost Travel cofounders Ovi Mija and Hamed Al-Khabaz’s good fortune was the product of a difficult experience earlier in the day. During their pitch at the International Startup Fest’s $85,000 pitch competition, the faulty fan in Al-Khabaz’s laptop kept forcing it to shut down, interrupting his pitch several times.

Later that night Mija received an email message informing him of a Paypal gift. About to delete the message and dismissing it as spam, he decided to take a second look. Waiting for him was a message from McClure: “HERE’S $500, GO BUY A NEW LAPTOP NOW.”

“I just heard someone needed some cash to be able to get their machine up and running,” McClure told Techvibes. “Every once in awhile it’s fun to make someone’s life easier. In this case, I was having a good day and felt like helping out.”

Outpost Travel is an aggregator for peer-to-peer, shared travel services. Like Kayak.com, but for the “sharing industry,” the site allows users to search for accommodations from sites like Airbnb, ridesharing offers from Kangaride or craigslist, or other unique travel experiences.

Since their Startup Fest experience Outpost has been hard at work in their office in the Old Port of Montreal. They’ve hired Chief Technology Officer Trevor Starick and Lead Developer Dustin Blackman to help make Outpost the single, most helpful place for planning your vacations on the cheap. 

Today Outpost Travel has big news. According to Mija, they “have officially become the biggest aggregator in the peer-to-peer travel industry”. To celebrate they just went live with a new front-end design as well as a back-end that takes full control over the data and adds many more data providers.

Outpost is currently hiring and with the open Front-end Developer position the highest priority.