PayPal’s new iPhone App lets Canadians send money for free

Earlier this week PayPal Canada GM Darrell MacMullin blogged about their new iPhone App that lets Canadians send money for free. With the PayPal Send Money application for iPhone, Canadians can now pull out their phone instead of their wallet when they want to send or receive money.

If you are like me, whenever you leave your house you check to make sure you have three things – your keys, your wallet and your phone. With the launch of our next generation Send Money application, PayPal took one step closer to a future where your phone will become your wallet.

We’ve also added some unique and useful features that will make Send Money one of your favourite apps.  Send Money features integrated Bump technology which lets two iPhone users transfer money by bumping their phones against each other. Split Check helps you divvy up a restaurant bill and then request as many as 20 people chip in their share. Collect Money helps people remind their friends to square up for group gifts, team dues or concert tickets.

The new PayPal iPhone App is free at the iTunes Store.