Young, Female, and Entrepreneurial Hire Lured to Canada by PlentyOfFish

While plenty is said in Vancouver about people leaving corporate tech jobs for entrepreneurial ventures, a much less discussed option is intrapreneurship.

Intrapreneurs are becoming common in startups but are also proving invaluable in established tech companies looking for development inspiration.

Polish-born tech intrapreneur Agata Osinska is an excellent exmaple. Agata is the youngest director at the world’s largest online dating company, Vancouver’s PlentyOfFish. Agata is disrupting the status quo in the online dating scene by challenging existing systems, building new infrastructure and improving reporting metrics to ensure the platform’s 90 million users have a better chance of finding long-lasting relationships.

Agata’s new role as Director of Product is to drive the product life cycle on four different online platforms (web, AOS, iOS, Windows phone) from conception to launch.

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Leading a team of experienced product managers and designers, Agata’s greatest challenge has been admitting she doesn’t have the answers all the time, but she has the willingness to seek the answers and make change happen. Agata believes this level of transparency brought to any role is an intrapreneur’s best asset as it encourages social change and greater collaboration.

That change is evident. Less than six months into the role, Agata’s team is making strides in the areas of user retention and engagement, monetization across all platforms and greater visibility into behavioral data.

Agata is one of a growing number of young, leadership destined female tech enthusiasts rising quickly up the ranks in the world’s largest online companies.