With Launch of Project Alloy, Intel the Latest Tech Titan to Enter Virtual Reality Arena

Intel is diving into virtual reality headset first. At the Intel Developers Forum, the company announced a VR headset and the Intel Merged Reality Platform for developers to build on.

What’s different about Intel’s headset, dubbed Project Alloy, is that it’s completely wireless. In this sense it is unlike the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. All cameras, sensors, and controls are built-in.

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CEO Brian Krzanich believes VR is a “fundamental shift that redefines” how we work, play, and communicate.

Project Alloy relies heavily on RealSense trackers, which utilize a regular camera, infrared cameras, and lasers.

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Krzanich says Project Alloy will partner will Microsoft, connecting the Windows Holographic operating system to the Project Alloy platform.

Also at the forum, Krzanich revealed Intel will create a studio in Hollywood. Called Intel Tech Experience Labs, the studio will produce VR experiences for sports and entertainment.

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