Insightful Quotes on Entrepreneurship from the Minds Behind Shopify, HootSuite, and Achievers

PwC’s 11th annual Emerging Companies Survey includes a lot of insightful statistics on the state of Canadian startups today.

But the report also featured some powerful quotes from some notable experts in the field, including Salesforce’s David Stein and Shopify’s on Harley Finkelstein on everything from attracting potential buyers to recruiting and retaining top talent. Here are five of our favourites.

  • “A company’s culture is the most valuable thing it has to recruit and retain top talent.” – Razor Suleman of Achievers on building a strong company culture.
  • “In 2014, I don’t think there are any disadvantages to being a Canadian-based global brand.” – Harley Finkelstein of Shopify on technology in Canada.
  • “It’s not a choice for our business whether or not we can be global—we have to be.” – Greg Gunn of HootSuite on adopting a global mindset.
  • “Tell a different story.” – David Stein of Salesforce on attracting M&A buyers.
  • “The general rule for US investors is you can only lose 1-X your money but you can make unlimited-X your money.” – Anish Acharya of Google Ventures on securing US funding.