Radian6’s Brian Dunphy Joins Atlantic Canadian Startup OneLobby

Brian Dunphy, the first employee of Radian6—a startup that sold for $326 million to Salesforce last year in what was 2011’s most significant tech acquisition in Canada—has joined Jordan Smith’s new startup, OneLobby, according to the Financial Post.

Brian wasn’t technically an original co-founder of Radian6, but the trio managed Radian6 by themselves for a while, working out of a Tim Hortons in Fredricton. In hindsight, most consider him to be the third co-founder and a very integral component of that huge success story.

A evidently talented software engineer, Brian has decided to apply his skills to Jordan’s OneLobby, which is developing social networking software for the conference industry. In a nutshell, OneLobby wants to create a platform that better links conference attendees, organizers, and presenters—before, during, and after an event.

Expected to launch in early 2013, OneLobby has thus far raised $200,000 from investors and is seeking at least $500,000 more. With Brian on board, it shouldn’t be difficult; he helped raise $1.4 million for MedRunner leveraging his Radian6 street cred.

“Investors say the number one thing they look for when investing is a team. This is one of the best startup teams I can think of in Atlantic Canada right now,” Permjot Valia, an England-based angel who has invested in 30 startups, including five in Atlantic Canada, told the Financial Post. “I’m thrilled with my investment. The valuation is obviously going to go up because you now have this very talented team. When I invested it was a bit riskier than it is now.”