Ratio.City Wins Fierce Founders Bootcamp and Takes Home $100,000

One of the country’s premier all-female pitch events has announced the winner of their latest competition.

The latest edition of the Fierce Founders Bootcamp saw 25 total women-led companies duke it out and compete to win a grand prize as well as some amazing perks that come with being in the Canadian and Kitchener-Waterloo tech scene.

Of the 25 companies, eight were invited to pitch at the finale, and one winner was chosen: Ratio.City. The Toronto-based startup will take home a $100,000 prize while also being invited to join the Fierce Founders Accelerator.

Monika Jaroszonek, the co-founder and CEO of Ratio.City, pitched to a panel of judges that included BDC’s managing director of strategic investments and women in tech, Michelle Scarborough; co-founder of Two Small Fish Ventures, Eva Lau; and Deloitte partner Betty Rhiger, among others.

Ratio.City is a digital tool that provides data-driven analysis of urban real estate for the purpose of redeveloping or renewing a space. They recently launched their second beta and the platform provides a seamless way to view zoning categories and possible new areas to turn into something beautiful.

The other seven finalists in the Fierce Founders boot camp who all pitched were Chinova Bioworks, Innovative Protein Technologies, JAUNTIN’, OpenPhone, Amintro, ORA Personal Alert, and PFERA Inc.

During the boot camp, these eight companies along with the others invited received hands-on mentorship as they worked towards building out an MVP and establishing what their business models would look like.

The Fierce Founders initiative is put on by Communitech and hosted in partnership with companies such as Deloitte, BDC, TD and others.

Now that the boot camp is over, Ratio.City, along with two others from the boot camp, will join the Fierce Founders accelerator, a six-month program again designed for female-founded companies. Communitech will provide up to $30,000 in funding without taking any equity and provide a workspace in their downtown Kitchener-Waterloo hub. That accelerator begins on April 1.

The last Fierce Founders boot camp ended in late August 2017 and saw SomaDetect and Furnishr both receive $50,000.