Recon Jet Opens up to Developers

This week Recon Instruments introduced a “completely revamped” software development kit for Jet, its wearable tech product.

“Our SDK gives developers access to the full capabilities of Recon device hardware—and to the full power of the Android operating system that underpins ReconOS,” writes CEO Dan Eisenhardt. “Using these tools, developers can build support for new types of activities into Jet.”

Eisenhardt says Jet could be used in new ways, such as exploring industrial and law-enforcement applications. Overall, though, it’s about general openness.

Quoth Eisenhardt:

This release bears out Recon’s long-standing belief in openness. We believe openness is the right approach not just for Jet, but for wearable technology in general. That’s because no single person or company has all the answers, and with every closed product comes stifled creativity and wasted potential. We don’t want to waste Jet’s potential. 

Recon was recently acquired by Intel. The acquisition was a natural fit for Intel. In late 2013, Intel’s investment arm, Intel Capital, made a “significant investment” in Recon. The funding supported Recon’s product development, marketing, and global sales expansion.

Recon has been quietly and successfully cornering the sport and outdoor wearable HUD market since its first product launch in 2010. Eisenhardt credits their triumph to specializing in active users, as opposed to trying to make a mainstream device for everyday use.

Since inception, Recon has raised $17 million over three rounds from a combination of venture capital firms and technology companies.

In 2012, Recon received $10 million in Series A funding from Vanedge Capital and Kopin Corporation. In 2013, Intel Capital announced that it had invested in Recon. And most recently in 2014, Motorola Solutions announced an investment in Recon.