Reinvent’s Kevin Ham wants your ideas for

Reinvent Technology‘s Kevin Ham presented last night at the Vancouver Enterprise Forum’s first event of the season. Unlike last year where local ‘Technology Legends’ were tapped to speak, this time around the VEF is profiling ‘Tomorrow’s Legends’ and there is no doubt the Ham will be one of them.

My guess is that most of the audience knew little about Ham and the world of domain names before registering for yesterday’s event – not a surprise considering Kevin was described in 2007 as the most powerful dotcom mogul you’ve never heard of and featured on the cover of Business 2.0 magazine as “The man who owns the Internet”.

Ham’s talk covered the gamut and proved that the formally trained family doctor who self-taught himself programming is truly a renassance man. Ham told the story of how he got into the domain name business in the early 90s and provided the audience a synopsis of his life learnings, business up & downs, thoughts on the economy, and plans for the future.

Ham wrapped up his talk by playing a short video on his plans for Reinvent’s domain name (which they acquired from Intrawest) and asked the audience to spread the word that they are open to exploring partnerships and business ideas for the prized domain.

So – what do you think Kevin Ham should do with