Rogers is Officially the World’s Worst Internet Throttler

The notion of telcos throttling internet speeds of users has come to the forefront in Canada recently as the CRTC and organizations like OpenMedia battle for internet openness and fairness to consumers.

Bell recently announced it was cutting back on its throttling practices, but the real target in Canada of late is Rogers.

And as it turns out, Rogers is indeed the worst throttler in Canada. In fact, it is the worst in the world.

Researchers leveraged Google’s M-Labs technology to determine the percentage of users who are having their internet speeds throttled  by ISPs around the world. And according to the results, Rogers throttles more of its users than any other ISP on earth.

In 2010, Shaw throttled 14% of users and Bell throttled 16% of users. Rogers? The Toronto-based telco throttled a startling 78% of users, and this number has surpassed 90% during some quarters since 2008. Meanwhile, other Canadian ISPs like Telus, Sasktel, and MTS throttle just 6% or less. And Rogers has one of the largest sample sizes in this study, making its data among the most accurate, thus leaving little room to negotiate even the most theoretical of errors on the researchers’ part.

So when people complain that their internet with Rogers isn’t performing up to par, chances are they’re not lying. Problem is, they have the world’s worst internet service provider controlling their experience.