Sales Prodigy Brings Social Listening to Sales

Sales Prodigy, a social selling software startup, is coming out of stealth mode by launching their Sales Prodigy app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and web browser.

The Vancouver-based startup says it is the first social listening tool focused purely on sales. The mobile app lets sales teams to follow prospects and leads on Twitter and Instagram, listen to what they care about and engage with them at the right time.

“Social selling starts with social listening,” said Mik Lernout, CEO at Sales Prodigy. “If you don’t know what your prospects are talking about, you can’t build a meaningful relationship with them. This might seem like common sense, but a lot of tools treat social as a soapbox, making it easy to blast out content without encouraging understanding and engagement.”

With features like CRM integration and real­time notifications, Sales Prodigy says it is “ruthlessly focused on helping sales executives unlock the power of social selling.”

“Creating an app for sales makers is very different from building a marketing tool,” said Lernout. “Mobile is key for people in the field, so we needed to fit into the rhythm of a sales executive’s work day: our real­time notifications ensure they do not miss a critical engagement opportunity. Our integration with Salesforce bridges the gap between the traditional sales process and social selling.”

The app is offered for free, with a paid Pro version coming soon.