SAP Opens World-Class Data Center in Toronto to Support Cloud Growth in Canada

SAP Canada, a subsidiary of SAP SE, the world’s third largest software company, this week announced a strategic investment in Canada; it is opening its first Canadian data center to meet growing demand for cloud based software.

The news follows SAP’s recent announcement of 39 percent growth in cloud, making it the fastest-growing enterprise cloud company at scale. The datacenter, located in Markham, Ontario, will host sensitive information for the Canadian government and other public and private sector companies. The infrastructure is currently being built into the datacenter and data will be hosted there by the end of 2014.

The Canadian data center will run a number of cloud solutions from SAP, including world-leading HR software from SuccessFactors, an SAP company, and the powerful computing platform SAP HANA. Partners of SAP including PHEMI, a Vancouver-based Big Data platform company, will also use the data center for software applications based on SAP HANA. With its fast growth in cloud, SAP is growing its data center footprint worldwide with 16 data centers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Middle and Eastern Europe (MEE), North America, China and Australia.

“We’re seeing more and more Canadian companies moving their business into the cloud as they continue to adopt innovative technology as part of their growth strategy. Our customers range from government agencies to healthcare and financial services companies and almost all of them have strict data security requirements and need this information to reside in Canada.  Having a world-class data center in Markham means companies here can have more flexibility to cultivate business without worrying about IT upgrades or attacks,” said Bob Elliott, managing director, SAP Canada. 

Dr. Paul Terry, president and CEO at PHEMI, says, “We are bringing the performance of Big Data to healthcare organizations — aggregating sensitive patient information like physician letters, lab results or images from all over hospital networks and making it easily accessible by doctors and researchers, via the cloud. And we do it with the critical privacy and governance features that both the patient and the provider demand. Our customers in both healthcare and the public sector have strong privacy and security requirements, so we’re pleased to use SAP’s secure Canada-based data center to meet these needs.”

More than 73,000 companies and more than 36 million people use cloud-based solutions from SAP.

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