Sensibill Raises $2 Million, Launches Mobile Digital Receipts Service

Sensibill announced today that it has received $2 million in seed funding.

The investment was led by Impression Ventures and included Six Squared Capital, the Ontario Centres of Excellence, and Ryerson Futures.

Toronto’s Sensibill helps customers eliminate the need to collect paper receipts by digitizing them from any source and in any format. Processed receipts are then searched, sorted and viewed through the customer’s mobile banking app or online via the customer’s banking portal.

“Consumers, businesses and banks worldwide have been crying out for a simple, intuitive way to manage paper receipts on their phones,” said Corey Gross, CEO of Sensibill. “We’re enabling our banking partners to keep pace with the mobile expectations of their customers.”

“Our research shows that today’s consumers simply expect this service; we are the first to meet the need,” Gross added. “This funding enables us to scale operations and service our clients.”

Ryerson Futures is a technology accelerator for early stage companies connected to the Digital Media Zone at Ryerson University.