Shopify’s Integration with eBay Hits Stores

Some Shopify merchants can now access eBay’s 171 million buyers through a newly launched integration with the online marketplace.

The announcement was originally made in July but is only now available. Merchants based in the U.S. and selling in USD can take advantage of the new integration that allows them to list and sell their products on eBay while managing the fulfillment and inventory process within Shopify.

When a seller adds new products to their Shopify store, product information can be synced with eBay to create a new listing. Although it is sold through a separate sales channel, eBay will keep merchant inventory up to date—just like Shopify’s existing integrations with Amazon and Facebook.

In a company update posted online, Shopify cited eBay’s big mobile opportunity as a catalyst for the partnership, reporting 370 million people have downloaded eBay mobile apps and placed $9 billion in orders on mobile devices.

“This new integration will bring more great products to eBay buyers, while offering Shopify merchants the ability to seamlessly drive their business and brand at scale by tapping into our vibrant marketplace,” said Bob Kupbens, eBay’s VP of global trust and seller experience, in a statement.

Shopify said they’re working with their partners to expand the eBay integration to merchants based in other countries, although no dates or potential new markets were disclosed.