SpaceX, Google and Shopify Top List of Attractive Companies to Work For

The reason why one enjoys their job varies from person to person, but Hired has released a report that does its best to make sense of what value really means in an evolving workplace ecosystem.

The smart career search platform surveyed over 2,300 technology workers in the software engineering, product management, design and data services fields and came to a few conclusions based on how workers enjoy their careers.

The first way for Hired to recognize what companies stood out was to simply ask. The report found that SpaceX was the most attractive company in tech, followed by Google and Shopify. The rest of the list includes some of the biggest companies in the sector, from Tesla to Slack.

Company rankings were then broken down by city and country, and Canada found its own home-grown Shopify topping their list. FreshBooks ranked second and Kijiji ranked third.

Hired chart detailing the most attractive companies in Canada.
Hired chart detailing the most attractive companies in Canada.

The most important thing candidates look for in their job search is compensation and benefits, which does not really come as a surprise. The opportunity to learn new skills coming in at second is a bit of a shocker though, as it trumps company culture, location and commute, and the team, which are third, fourth and fifth respectively.

In general, the report found that U.S. workers care more about their salaries when compared to their global counterparts. Oddly enough, only 46 per cent of workers in San Francisco, one of the most expensive places to live in the world, listed compensation as a top-three factor for choosing a job.

On the flip side, poor reputation, no interest in the product, and no interest in the mission are the main reasons why a candidate rates a potential company poorly. Job seekers also want to know about what kinds of projects they will be working on, the tech stack, and the company vision above all else.

“Compensation alone is not enough to compete for candidates who are looking to develop new skills and be a part of a company with a strong culture that aligns with their values,” reads the report. “A rise in candidates motivated by personal growth presents an opportunity for companies of all sizes to showcase a more holistic work experience.”

Working remotely is also an attractive option for new candidates, and Hired found that 13 per cent of companies on their platform are interested in hiring freelancers. The most widely requested city to work in was the Bay Area in California. Austin, Boston, Chicago, New York City, Toronto and Washington DC all had the highest percentages of talent wanting to work remotely. More than half of tech workers in those cities expressed an interest to work outside that city.