Have Food Delivered to Your Door with a Text Thanks to Vancouver Startup Spoon

A new startup called Spoon has launched a text-based meal delivery service in downtown Vancouver.

The Gastown-based company provides “a simple personal meal delivery service for individuals who have busy schedules but still want great meal options,” according to founders Sherwyn Poon, Regina Wong, and Fouad Farraj. Spoon communicates with its users through text messaging: every weekday morning, Spoon sends its users a curated menu of two dishes from local restaurants via text. To order, users decide between the two options and text back with a selection, “a” or “b.”

“Ordering lunch can be a frustrating task, especially if you’re already hungry or you’re stuck in decision paralysis,” says Poon. “We are creating a service that lets people effortlessly experience amazing meals on a daily basis.”

Traditional online meal delivery services require users to sift through dozens of restaurants and hundreds of menu items, then go through a tedious process of answering questions about delivery addresses and methods of payment. Further, there is usually a delivery charge or minimum order amount for each restaurant. That being said, some are arguing that the rapid rise of tech-infused food delivery startups could be starting a bubble.

“Texting lets us do interesting things like have conversations with our users and alert them when their food has arrived,” says Poon. “It’s quick and convenient, and makes this service accessible to anyone, regardless of what type of phone they have.”

The prices for Spoon’s meals are all-in and range from $8 to $13, which includes the cost of food, tax, and delivery. All meals are prepared by restaurants such as Finch’s, Culver City Salads, and Hubbub Sandwiches.

Currently, Spoon is serving employees at several local startups, including A Thinking Ape, Hootsuite, and Unbounce.

Spoon is currently invitation-only. Individuals at downtown Vancouver offices can request invites by texting “invite” to 778-730-0101.

The company was founded in March of this year.