Stradigi AI Announces Partnership with Vector Institute

Two leading AI organizations are coming together to drive innovation in the field.

Stradigi AI and the Vector Institute today announced a partnership to help further Canada’s excellence and leadership in the industry, with the overall goal of fostering economic growth and improving the lives of Canadians.

‘’It’s an honour for us to team up with Vector,” said Basil Bouraropoulos, co-founder and CEO of Stradigi AI. “This is an important milestone for our company and I am most excited for our customers who will benefit from the cutting-edge research being conducted at the Vector Institute.”

Stradigi AI is a Montreal-based AI solutions provider backed by a research lab dedicated to bringing real results to international clients. They opened their AI lab in the city back in September 2017 to focus on developing machine learning solutions for industries including healthcare and sports. The research is led by Carolina Bessega, an astrophysicist.

When it comes to AI specializations, the lab focuses on recommender systems, time series analysis, natural language processing, image and video understanding, and decision-making systems.

Vector is an internationally renowned institute led by president and CEO Garth Gibson. Vector’s research team is led by Richard Zemel, while also featuring Geoffrey Hinton as chief scientific advisor, the “godfather of deep learning.” Vector has attracted talent and funding from a huge variation of organizations—so far, over $135 million is pledged to the institute from the likes of Canada’s federal government, Google, Uber and more.

‘’Stradigi AI stands out thanks to its strong technical expertise combined with its end-to-end service offering and their intention to expand into the Toronto AI ecosystem,” said Gibson. “Leaders such as Stradigi AI will play a crucial role in building the future of the AI ecosystem in Canada.”

Stradigi AI has also formed similar partnerships with IVADO.

Building off this partnership, Stradigi AI will look to open offices in Toronto to be closer to Vector as well as Brazil in the coming months.