Super Disgusting Chicken Sandwich from a Canadian KFC Goes Viral Online

Hopefully you weren’t planning on eating anytime soon.

At a KFC restaurant in Ontario, somebody ordered a chicken sandwich. What they got was something that was very undercooked – or perhaps not even cooked at all.

Not paying attention, the poor soul took a bite. Nasty. After they wised up on the incredible disgustingness of their meal, they took to Reddit and now the news has gone viral.

It’s a classic example of how one small mistake made by some clueless employee getting paid minimum wage can suddenly become front-page news on Reddit and/or a vast variety of other social networks.

Virality is truly a double-edged sword. We can’t wait to see how KFC responds to this fiasco. 

UPDATE: We’ve learned that the man who took the fateful bite is named Doug Hernandez. According to him, the incident happened on August 31, and Doug says that he filled out a feedback form online but it was never responded to.

Doug told Techvibes that when he posted the disturbing photo to KFC Canada’s Facebook page, all they did was suggest he call them. So he did. And he even filed a report, just as they recommended, following their phone call. But he hasn’t heard back from them more than two weeks later.

That’s when his friend Greg Lehman posted the pic to Reddit—Greg’s first post on the site ever. The rest, as they say, is history.