Tablet Publications Faring Well in Canada, Data Shows

Anecdotally, it appears that tablet journalism has failed miserably thus far. The big headlines seem to prove it. The Daily died in part because no would pay, Huffingtonturned free in part because no one would pay, so on and so forth. A headline you don’t see? “Mobile and digital revenue make up for loss of print revenue.”

But, at least in Canada, the scenario isn’t as grim as we’ve been led to believe. Looking at hard data, tablet publications are faring reasonably well in our fine nation.

Publication apps represent the second highest grossing app category on the iPad after apps. And there are 10 tablet publication apps in the App Store’s top 100 apps. Further, 15% of all apps in the iPad’s top 200 grossing apps are publications—77% of which are magazines and 20% of which are newspapers.

Check out more stats in the infographic below, created by Tom Emrich.