Tagalus: 10,000 Twitter hashtags defined and counting

Tagalus: 10,000 Twitter hashtags defined and counting

Despite all the Portland love for the Twitter, the fact remains that—for the uninitiated—Twitter can be a bit of a foreign realm. Crazy shorthand. Weird @ replies. And those strange phrases crammed behind # signs.

But since early 2009, one site has been working to change that. Well, at least by providing some insight into that whole hashtag thing (the # phrases). That site is Portland-based tagal.us, a site focused on helping define the hashtags used on Twitter. And today, it passed a major milestone by capturing a definition for its 10,000th hashtag.

Think about that for a second. Ten thousand hashtags in under a year. And while it’s likely a small subset of the massive number of hashtags flying around Twitter at any given second, it’s still a momentous achievement for a side project, lovingly crafted by John Nastos.

So who gets credit the lucky 10,000th hashtag? Well, admittedly, after a bit of hashtag bombing to add tags 9991-9999 to tagal.us, Kelly Guimont—known by her Twitter handle @verso—wound up securing the 10,000th hashtag with #hireDkelly.

Congrats to tagal.us on making it this far. And remember, the next time you slam some series of words together to make a #ridiculoushashtag, make sure to add it to tagal.us.