Vancouver’s Talentbuddy Acquired by Learning Marketplace Udemy

Talentbuddy has been acquired by Udemy.

Talentbuddy was founded in 2013 in Vancouver by Octav Druta, Andrei Soare, and Vlad Berteanu to help developers prepare for technical interviews using a learn-by-doing approach.

San Francisco’s Udemy is an online learning marketplace where 10 million students are enrolled in 40,000 courses across 190 countries.

Investors in Talentbuddy include Version One Ventures, BDC Capital, and Highline.

“We’re thrilled to be joining Udemy, where we’ll have the opportunity to continue to enable millions of students to build their programming skills using interactive learning experiences,” the founders said.

“Talentbuddy hasn’t just been building products the last few years; they’ve been working with actual students to understand their needs and have gained an intuitive sense about what enables aspiring programmers to reach their goals,” Udemy said.

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.