Tinder For Food: Feed Me Launches in Canada

Swipe through photos until you find what you’re looking for—a great meal.

Montreal food and travel writer Amie Watson launched Feed Me, a Tinder-like mobile app that lets users browse through images of restaurants and their food to choose where to eat.

Feed Me uses open source data from Yelp’s API to locate what restaurants and bars are closest to a user. The app pulls in more suggestions as the user swipes right, thereby turning down the initial batch of restaurant selections and letting users continue their search. It also incorporates restaurant ratings, reviews and photos from Yelp.

Feed Me was created to help users quickly find nearby restaurants and make a decision on where to go fast. With a swiping interface, the app wants to turn looking for a place to eat from an often frustrating task into a convenience.

“The goal is to make reading the reviews fun even if you’re not hungry, like when you’re waiting for the bus or metro or at home on the couch,” said Watson, who wrote more than 1,500 Montreal reviews for the app.

Watson also self-funded the beta version of Feed Me before receiving startup financing from Futurpreneur Canada and the BDC for development.

Feed Me can also be used to search for take-out, food delivery, grocery stores and even butcher shops. Favourites are saved into a top 10 list while rejects are cycled back into rotation for future searches.

First launched in Canada, the Montreal-based app includes thousands of food-offering joints in over 30 countries. The app was dreamed up at Yelp’s Montreal hackathon in 2014 where it was a finalist.

Feed Me is free to download and available for both iOS and Android devices.