Toronto BMW dealership wants to give you a free condo, car, and large paycheque to blog all things Bimmer

A Toronto-based BMW dealership called Endras has the deal of the century for an internet-savvy Bimmer enthusiast.

If you’re “obsessed with performance,” you’ll want to consider applying for this gig. It pays $65,000 per year, but that’s the only the beginning. Other generous perks include:

  • Travel
  • Drive a brand-new BMW
  • Crash in a rent-free downtown Toronto condo 

The job involves blogging, tweeting, and Facebooking about BMW news constantly, promoting the brand worldwide through the web. To quality, you must – surprise surprise – love and know BMWs inside out.

To apply, entrants must submit a 200-word blog post by April 1, and then prove their social media savvy by making their post the most popular. Passing this test will take applicants to round two, where they will have a mere 48 hours to create and submit a video. 10 contestants will win this round, and will move onto the final round, where an in-person interview process weed out the “Ultimate Blogger.”