Toronto’s Bnotions Hires Canadian Jenna Hannon as Marketing Director [Updated]

Toronto-based app developer Bnotions has hired Jenna Hannon as their marketing director.

Jenna was born in Calgary, but was educated at the University of Southern California and has worked there for the past six years. Boasting a background of broadcasting, marketing, and board sports, the self-described “blondest tech geek” is a “perfect addition” to Bnotions, according to the Canadian startup.

“I am really passionate about the direction of Bnotions, the vision, and the team,” says Jenna. “I think a lot can be accomplished by bringing in an experienced female voice from the American marketplace.”

Her tech background in tech includes communications for for the past 11 months. Now Jenna will be a catalyst for further development of Bnotions’ business in America, where it generates more than half of its revenue.

UPDATE: Bnotions has corrected us, saying that she won’t be staying in California, but rather permanently relocating to Toronto. 

UPDATE 2: Photo updated as per request from Bnotions.

UPDATE 3: As of November 2012 Jenna Hannon is no longer with Bnotions.

Edited for accuracy.