Toronto’s Verold to spend 48 hours in the Valley with C100

From May 18th to 20th, Verold Inc.

Verold is a Toronto-based software start-up with an ambitious focus on next-generation 3D content creation.

Jad Yaghi, CEO, and his team of a half-dozen industry specialists, are developing a content creation platform that delivers an “unprecedented” level of automation to 3D graphics production. The “Verold solution” reduces the time required to create ready-to-animate 3D content for media consumption, such as web content, games, film, and augmented and virtual reality worlds.

Verold seeks funding for commercialization and operation costs, and hopes that 48 Hours in the Valley will assist them with their pursuits.

“We got involved with 48 Hours after a pitch we did at a tech incubator in Toronto (MaRS) that was attended by folks from the Canadian Trade Commission,” says Jad Yaghi, Co-Founder and CEO of Verold. His team is raring to make the most of the event.