Track Opens on Your Daily Emails with Bananatag

Have you ever wondered how people are interacting with the emails you send on a daily basis?

Now you can know. Kelowna’s Bananatag is an email tracking service that shows users when their emails are being opened, links are being clicked, the location of the open and if the message was opened multiple times.

The service, which offers in-depth metrics, allows users to better and more smartly interact with their email contacts.

“Mass email marketing companies track bulk emails and give you stats on opens and clicked links, but there hasn’t been a simple integrated way to track your daily emails,” describes Corey Wagner, Co-Founder of Bananatag.  “We’re changing that with our technology.”

Built to be used with any email client Bananatag offers exclusive extensions for Gmail and an add-in for Outlook. After a tagged email is sent users are automatically notified when a contact has opened the email or clicked on a link. Along with tracking the software comes with a user friendly backend that displays in depth analytics showing where and how contacts interact with the email.

Bananatag has been used for over a year while in stealth mode and during its Beta phase by Axxess Industries, a tech automation company, based in Kelowna.  Dealing with thousands of potential clients around the globe every month Axxess found that using the tracking software made following up with clients and closing sales much easier.

“It took the guesswork out of our email.  We knew who to follow up with and how to approach them.” says Scott Tipton, Business Development at Axxess Industries.  “We save a lot of time using Bananatag, knowing who has looked at the information and who hasn’t defines our interaction with them.”

Founded by Wagner and Isaac Oslund, Bananatag has been bootstrapped to date.